The pandemic has been a great leveller for all in the industry. Today, all of us stand at the point of origin of the tourism quadrant. Your tourism partner in India should be someone who can help you chart your path on this blank plane. Berry Representations, is the right partner to chart this course with.

The secret behind the success of a destination and travel product in any market is correct product placement. When you partner with Berry Journeys, you place your trust in a team with a collective experience of over a century in the travel industry and you know that you are on your way to success in the Indian market. We do not work on a “copy-paste” model when it comes to marketing a destination or travel product. The idea is to identify a product’s USP and then identify the correct placement of the product in the market. So, every destination or every product serviced by us gets a Berry” marketing plan which is generally not replicated for any other client.

Berry Representations is fully equipped to provide the best representation services to destinations, DMC/ground operators, tourist attraction, hotels, coach and transportation companies, cruise companies, airlines, visa services, insurance services and other travel and tourism related services. We offer all or any one of the following services when you partner with us in India:

Travel industry liaising.
Today, the post pandemic travel industry landscape is no different from the post Ice-Age Earth landscape. Many of the old, established market players have scaled down or just shut shop while many new entrants have taken their place. So, the most important need of the hour is travel agent and tour operator KYC. This would help you identify the ‘healthy companies’ with which you can partner. 
Berry Journeys will do this for you and help you identify the correct travel organisations for your product. Further we will liaise with the chosen travel companies to promote the tourism product through training programmes, familiarisation trips, roadshows, and promotional activities.

Airline relations
Bums in seats translates to feet on ground. So, a successful airline relationship is very important to increase visitor numbers to a destination. Our team not only brings a wealth of experience but also relationships and associations with different airlines. We will work closely with airline partners through joint promotion and other campaigns. We will also use our working relationship with airlines to conduct joint familiarisation trips for the travel fraternity and the media.

Marketing communication and public relations
In todays age of hyper communication the right narrative plays an essential role in effective public relations. Two-way communication between both the brand and consumer is essential and information must freely flow in its desired form. It is very important that the receiver (public, target audience, stakeholders, employees, investors) clearly understand the sender’s message (product / brand in this case). An effective communication is one which creates an impact in the minds of the traveller and develops new market segment while retaining the loyal travellers. 
Berry  Journeys will conduct appropriate market research and then conceptualize and implement the PR and marketing strategies to get best traction from a wide variety of media.

Digital Marketing
A digital marketing strategy is very important for a brand / product to reach and create impact in a marketplace of over 400 million digital users.  We will help you create a digital marketing strategy which is aligned to your goals through carefully selected marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media. Running a digital marketing campaign without a strategy in place is much like exploring a new city without a GPS – you are likely to take many wrong turns resulting in loss of both, time and money. When a traveller is planning a trip, she will probably begin by discovering the destination, planning an itinerary and estimating the budget much before they reach a tour operator. We must capture their imagination at the time of intent thus cementing their choice to destination/product before they reach the intermediary. 
Berry Journeys will use their vast experience and knowledge to make sure that there is enough data to ideate and finalise a digital    strategy and then implement the same through various digital media. We will capture data and analytics arising as a result of the digital activity and help you understand of your customer segment and their behaviours, leading to a further fine-tuning the marketing strategies.

Direct traveller outreach
Creating demand from the consumer to push adoption of a product is a very important part of entering a market or boosting sales numbers. The first and foremost need, post pandemic, is developing traveller confidence in the safety and security of a destination. 
Berry will create targeted information campaigns to dispel uncertainty and fear regarding travel to a destination. We will also ensure direct and regular interaction with potential travellers by conceptualizing, designing, and organising culturally appropriate campaigns and events. We will organise sports and cultural events, celebrate national holidays and conduct interactive campaigns through various media.

Liaising with government bodies, embassies and other international bodies and handling official visits of ministers and senior officialsBerry  Representations will undertake liaising with all government bodies – Indian government bodies, as well as the embassies and other international government bodies based in India. We will also organise all tourism and travel related ministerial and senior official visits to India. We will plan and manage all the elements of the visit including event management, public interactions, meetings and other official interactions, media interactions.

Tie up with the entertainment industry. The Indian entertainment industry is an ideal partner for  tourism products, be it a destination or an attraction. Berry Journeys will work closely with movie production houses and marketing companies to identify locales and destinations which can be used for filming movies, in-movie songs, music videos and advertisement campaigns.

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